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Videotron (A subsidiary of the media conglomerate Quebecor)

Videotron has already launch a mobile service. This company has recently establish a roaming agreement with Rogers wireless service provider, under which Videotron will roam exclusively on the Rogers network across Canada to guarantee a nationwide service. In july 2008, Videotron officially acquired spectrum licenses for advanced wireless services from Industry Canada auction. The licenses cover Quebec, Toronto and south-east Ontario. The network is expected to be fully operational in fall 2010 in the province of Quebec.

The advantage of Videotron will be "all-in-one" packages. If you're planing to add the Videotron's mobile service to your Television, Telephony and Cable package, it's strongly suggested to wait until they launch their new 3G+ mobile service, probably in fall 2010.

The Videotron's Coming Soon website.

Wind Mobile

Wind Mobile, the brand-new Globalive Wireless name, has already announced their plans. They offer plans that compete with Koodo, Fido, Solo Mobile and Virgin Mobile, but really cheaper.

Let's compare rapidly. A voice plan (15$) with Wind Mobile offers two times more minutes than Fido and for an limited time you have unlimited text around Canada. Moreover, there is no contract with Wind Mobile.
Wind Mobile is or will be available all around Canada except in Quebec.

Official website

Public Mobile

The operator Public Mobile is offering two different plans. First, for 24$ a month you have unlimited talk. If you add 16$ you may have unlimited talk and unlimited text. This is not for everyone but can be useful for people who want all unlimited.

For know they are only available in Toronto and Montreal.

Official website

Mobilicity (previously DAVE Wireless)

Mobilicty are only available in the area of Toronto. They have announced plans to launch service around Canada. They are supposed to be available at Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver in late 2010.

Mobilicity did not acquired spectrum in Quebec.

Official website

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