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Koodo Mobile is a subsidiary of Telus founded in 2008. Kood was founded to provide cheaper services, per-second billing and no hidden fees. Their target audience are students or people who do not want to spend a fortune on a cellphone as Solo Mobile, Fido or Virgin Mobile.

With Koodo Mobile, you do not sign normal contracts. For more information about this, click here:  Koodo Tab.
Since early October, Telus owns, in partnership with Bell, a HSPA network in order to offer the iPhone and other smartphones. For now, nothing indicates that Koodo will offer the iPhone. Recently, Telus told the decision of sharing their HSPA network with their subsidiary wasn't taken yet.

Even if Koodo didn't propose awesome models, Koodo propose, for instance, the LG Shine, the LG KEYBO, the Samsung Slyde and the Samsung Intensity.

  • Per-second billing
  • No hidden charges (access charges Network + 911)
  • No activation fee 
  • 2 year contract or prepaid cards


  • Less professional than Telus or Mike (The Business line of Telus)
  • Has only few models of cellulars

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I don't like the "famous" Koodo Tab, i think koodo tab is not as good as they say in their website

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