iPhone, Android, Blackberry... ?

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To see a comparison of the market share of key models and OS, please click on the graphic above.

iPhone 4G (Apple)

The iPhone is certainly the best known of smartphones. Available first at Rogers / Fido across Canada, it is now also sold by Bell and Telus. This phone was developed by Apple in California and is now the most popular of all mobile phones in the world!

The iPhone is closely connected to the iTunes Store, which can be used to buy songs or to obtain thousands of different applications. However, the iPhone is extremely expensive, both to purchase (199 $ or 299 with a 3 year contract) and monthly (65 or 85 $ / month depending on package)

  • Prestige linked to the reputation of the phone
  • Very large quantity of applications (approx. 100 000)
  • Several accessories compatible

  • Huge cost to purchase
  • Monthly cost prohibitive

Android (Google)

The biggest difference between Android and the iPhone is how they are created and thought. First, the iPhone is a the telephone and the software that composes the phone itself. Neither can be sold separately, compared to Android.

Indeed, Android, is a software that can be installed on more mobile, just as Windows is on PCs. Google does not develop any phone (except maby the Nexus One), but Android has presented several manufacturers. The advantage is the wider distribution of software through several different cellphones by others companies like Samsung (Omnia or Galaxy), Sony (Xperia) or HTC (Dream, Magic or Diamond).
Android is now available at Rogers, Bell and Telus and is accessible anywhere in Canada where facilities exist.

Google has taken care to optimize its services, including research on Google, GPS powered by Google Maps, GMail, etc. To download various applications, Android connects itself to Android Market, which is the equivalent of the iTunes Store

  • Great models offers
  • Easy to use, with good features
  • Relatively low cost to purchase and plan similar to "normal" cellular
  • Software that anyone can edit as needed

  • "Only" 20 000 applications

BlackBerry (RIM, Canadian company)

The BlackBerry, created by the Ontario company Research in Motion, is the main model in the business world. According to RIM, in November 2008,the BlackBerry had about 21 million users worldwide. In June 2010, RIM has announced they sold up to 100 millions BlackBerry due to record sales (they sold 11,7 millions BlackBerry in the first trimester).

The leading models are PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), so phones that contain everything a worker in the business may need: email, address book and phone numbers, etc.


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  • Many models to suit your needs and your budget
  • Easy to use, with good features
  • Relatively low cost to purchase and package similar to cellular "normal"


  • Less customizable than the iPhone or Android, probably cause the BlackBerry are not "toys" (even if they contain some games, they principally contains apps for business workers).
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